In the event that you’ve been following our blog for some time, you definitely realize that Nepal is our preferred nation on the planet.

From the hare warren of Kathmandu to the sensational pinnacles of the world’s tallest mountains, the inviting grins of local people to the delightfully tummy-warming food; there’s simply such a great amount to adore about this excellent nation.

Of course, before pinning your favorite locations in this lovely country, learning a few things about Nepal will help enhance your experience. Use these Nepal travel tips in this guide to help you plan the best trip ever! Let’s go.

Please observe social etiquette in Nepal

First you need to learn how to greet the locals in Nepal. Here, you will need to position your hands in prayer style and say “namaste” or “namaskar”, which means “hello” or “hi”. Do not wear revealing clothes. In the event that you are sufficiently fortunate to be welcomed into a Nepali home, make sure to take off your shoes before entering.

Observe proper hygiene when eating

 At supper time, you should consistently wash your hands and mouth preceding eating. Continuously trust that the host will serve you and abstain from “contaminating” food by letting it come into contact with a pre-owned plate or utensil. Whatever you do, don’t utilize your own spoon or fork to serve food. Bon appetit!

Nepal has loads of adventures that you can enjoy!

Yes that is true! Given the incredible terrain in this country, Nepal is definitely a place for adventure. But your own safety, it is always wise to grab an adventure buddy before embarking your journey. Hire a guide if you want to go to the woods as it can be tricky. Many other activities you can enjoy include canyoneering, rock climbing, mountain biking, mountaineering, paragliding, and white water rafting at BhoteKoshi and Trishuli.

Get your tummy ready

There are tons of great foods in Nepal ranging from traditional to international cuisines. And it is no excuse to say “No” to the preparations. A traditional food in Nepal is called Dal Bhat, and consists of rice and lentils. Side dishes include an assortment of new vegetables, for example, potatoes and cauliflower. Conventional Nepali food is regularly zesty, yet you can normally determine how mellow or hot you need it when requesting. You can experience this standard cooking at pretty much any neighborhood eatery, which is abundant all through the nation.

It is absolutely very easy to fall in love with Nepal. We hope that you enjoy reading our entry today!