My, oh my! There are over a thousand ways to experience an overwhelming vacation in Scotland and we have no idea where to even start from. Is it the train rides through the magnificent landscapes, the castles to sightsee, spending the hours of the day in a museum, Munro bagging, and discovering the secrets to whiskey distillation?


We could go on and on with things you can do, and there are 100s of exciting possibilities, but you have to pack your bags for the vacation of a lifetime.  We went with some friends and co-owners of our business to celebrate our 10 years of being in business. We run a 24 hour towing service in Mesa, Arizona and we were finally able to save enough for our dream vacation.  Here are a few places we visited and recommend.



We really won’t want to brag excessively, but when it comes to the top places to visit for an amazing vacation; Scotland has so many mighty options and you may even be tempted to want to visit all the top attractions in in this beautiful country. Some of the best places you shouldn’t miss when you visit include:

Deep Sea World: you’ll get to come up close with one of the places with the biggest collection of sharks at the largest underwater tunnels in the world at Deep Sea World, which is the National Aquarium in Scotland. This is where hundreds of captivating underwater creatures like seahorses, seals, stingrays, and giant sand tiger sharks are housed.

Blair Drummond Safari and Adventure Park: you will get to visit one of the best attractions in Scotland for an enjoyable day with your family and your kids will definitely love it. If you want a real experience of the wildlife, you can come here to see elephant, giraffes, lions, tigers and you can take a boat ride down to Chimp Island if you like.

National War Museum: within the four walls of Edinburgh Castle, you’ll get to realize and learn about the impact of war in the history of Scotland as well as her reputation in other countries. You can relive some of the moments of the dark days of the world war by witnessing it all by yourself.

In addition to these top three places, you can also visit the Arbroath Abbey, Riverside Museum, The Helix, Stirling Castle, National Museum of Scotland and much more!



If you can’t find Scots dancing to the electrifying music and drums or tasting delicious cuisines, then they are definitely celebrating their culture and heritage, wearing elaborate costumes as they dance around the streets, participating in adrenaline-pumping sports. Some of their festivals events include- Hogmanay and New Year, highland games, Edinburgh summer festivals, and music festivals.



Do you know Scotland is the number one country with the most amazing food in the world? If, you haven’t heard, then remember you heard it here first, and you should remember to thank us later while munching on one of their best meals there. Is it the Aberdeen Angus beef, Stornoway Black Pudding, Arbroath Smokies, shellfish and Shetland salmon to the Scottish ales, scones, whiskey, and haggis, not to forget the famous shortbread. If you are a sucker for good food, you are highly welcome to paradise!