Acapulco is an ideal destination for all those people whose main ingredients to enjoy a perfect holiday are sun, sea, and sand. Its stunning sandy beaches, vibrant history, traditional culture, and good weather are enough reasons to pack your bags and head for experiencing a relaxed yet pleasant getaway. However, if you wish to try something new and different every day, what are the options?

For your convenience, we’ve here summed up a few of the things, which you can explore on your holiday to Acapulco. Read on to know more–

Snorkel at La Roqueta Island

Snorkeling is recognized as one of the first and foremost activities to try during your holiday to Acapulco. And for that, you can take a day off for La Roqueta Island – a perfect spot to get the right guide and equipment for your day of snorkeling. Here, a variety of fine-dining options are also available to satisfy your appetite with a mouthwatering range of delicious Mexican dishes.

A Day at the Rollo Aquatic Park

Visit the Rollo Aquatic Park to spend some quality time together with your family – with so many swimming pools, slides, splash zone areas, playground, and various fun activities – you’ll surely find something for everyone. See the spark in your children’s eyes and enjoy the show with dolphins. The water park also boasts a wide range of other facilities to enjoy in a friendly atmosphere. A visit to the Rollo Aquatic Park is must to enjoy the water sports activities.

Fuerte San Diego Museum

If you’re interested in learning more about the history of Acapulco, head to the Fuerte San Diego Museum. Being the oldest building in the town, the museum represents the complete history in both English and Spanish, and you can always take the help of professional, dedicated and helpful staff to get your queries answered.

Explore Taxco

Nestled within proximity of the border of Mexico City and nearly 4-hour drive away from Acapulco, Taxco is a hidden gem in Guerrero. Widely popular for silver – it’s a perfect spot for anyone who is interested in buying Mexican jewelry at competitive prices. Besides, the town is also home to cobbled streets where you can take a short stroll to discover the stunning cathedral.  

Acapulco’s Nightlife

Nightlife in Acapulco is hard to beat, with so many bars, pubs and clubs causing a stir in some moonlight action. Feel the vibes and set the stage on fire with your classy dance moves. Here you can laugh out loud, party all night, get drunk or rock the evening to the latest DJ hits. And if you’re one of those who prefer to chill out with their companions in a modern and chic atmosphere – the city is always happy to welcome!

These are some of the unique things which you can always keep in mind when you’re on holiday in Acapulco. Get your bucket list ready, and you’re sure to return home with an unforgettable experience!